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  Our equipment and technology is from a company that has been in production for over 140 years, Skiold is widely known in many different countries all over the world and now proudly here in North America. 


Micro Boxes

   We have three micro scales and one mini micro scale, two of the scales are capable of weighing as low as 100 grams and coming within a +/- 5% accuracy. One scale is capable of weighing 50 grams with also a +/- 5% accuracy. One of the mini micro scales is capable of weighing 25 grams with the same +/- 5% accuracy.

IMG_7073 (1).JPG

Tote Hoppers

   Larger quantities of  ingredients are being weighed using their own scale weighing as little as 10kgs +/- 5% accuracy.

IMG_7080 (1)_edited.jpg


   Our 1 tonne mixer has a 60 second mixing time and is capable of mixing 10 grams with a 4%

co-efficiency on premixes and less than 8 % on complete feeds. After mixing it dumps the feed into post bin which allows it to unload at its own time while the mixer is loading the next batch.  All ingredients are being pre weighed and sent to the mixer using clean conveyors.

IMG_7062 (1)_edited.jpg

Transfer Augers and Conveyors

They are driven by motors and gear box and are powered by VFD drives, this allows us to adjust the speed accordingly.


Bulk Bins

These bins have their own scale and all the ingredients are being pre-weighed before being sent to the mixer.

IMG_7085 (1)_edited.jpg

Micro Bin Spouts

These lids on the micro spouts suppress any free falling of feed ingredients which help for better weight accuracy.

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