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Mark & Cole Schwengler ~ Raven Feed Consulting

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   We here at Raven Feed Consulting are a father & son team, we manage a small feed lot of 600 head and approximately 300 cow calf pairs.

   Mark started in the industry back in 1997 with VS Feeds, then moved on to Alberta Feed & Consulting and in 2005 Raven Consulting was born. Mark's son Cole will be proudly finishing his degree from University of Alberta in Animal Science the spring of 2022.

   They specialize in Nutritional Diagnostics, Herd Health & Performance and are "Boots on the Ground" kind of men. Mark quotes " If we can't see it we can't measure it, we can't monitor it, and we can't manage it".  Their clientelle ranges from Fort St John BC all the way to Wood Mountain Saskatchewan


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   Jack has spent the last 25 years as a cattle nutritionist, as well he has spent time in animal health performance technology.

   He is a firm believer in the practice as we preach method, within his own herd and will provide the same philosophy but tailored to clients operations.

   Jack covers a wide clientele basis in western Canada  that covers as far as Manitoba to Alberta. 

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